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Sharing the Word for August 11, 2022

Memorial of Saint Clare of Assisi

August 11, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Matthew 18:21-19:1
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Forgiving our neighbor means loving him in spite of his offense. When we forgive we dont say that no harm has been done or that no wounds remain. Forgiveness says that the wounds are real but have to be evaluated in the light of the love we owe to our neighbor.

We owe love to our neighbor because God loves us and calls us to share his love with others. We have no right to refuse forgiveness to our neighbor because forgiving is part of loving. We mustn’t put limits on the love we owe our neighbor, nor on our neighbor’s claim to forgiveness from us. Seventy-seven times? At least!

Forgiveness is not always easy. Neither is loving our neighbor. Neither is loving God.

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