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Sharing the Word for April 12, 2021 – Second Week of Easter – Year 1

Monday of the Second Week of Easter

April 12, 2021
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Acts 4:23-31
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After their encounter with the Jewish authorities Peter and John return to the security of the Christian community. They tell their fellow believers what happened, and turn to God in prayer.

Their prayer is mainly a prayer of praise in which they acknowledge God’s sovereignty and wisdom and foresight. At the same time it is a prayer of petition. They invoke God’s help to proclaim the Christian message with boldness and courage. Their prayer is acknowledged by a manifestation of the Holy Spirit–a “little” Pentecost.

All of us Christian believers are called to proclaim the truth of the Lord Jesus to our world. So its appropriate for us also, to ask God to enable us to speak his word with boldness and courage.

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