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Worried for Your Family?


In my worry about family members, I sometimes forget that there is always hopein God. Are there moments you feel you must fix things, forgetting that God is there? 


Sometimes I am overwrought
about members of my family—
so worried
that they are lost
in their inward hurting.
Help me trust
that you have them
in your sight.
You are the shepherd.
You adore each and every
one of us.

Though I am limited
in what I can do,
I can hold my loved ones
in my heart
and know
that you are there

alongside them,
filling their emptiness
with your overflowing love.
And I pray
that they can feel it.


Read Psalm 23 out loudseveral times if neededand think both of yourself and your loved one being guided. See if you can let the beauty of the psalm “restore” youto wash away your worry.

Faith and Family


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