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Wisdom and Anxiety


“Do not worry” or “fear not” is a sentiment found often in scripture. Some of us can’t seem to help it though, can we? When that is the case, wisdomwhich is a gift from the Lordmight urge us on to therapy or even medication. The Lord is gracious and his desire is for us to live peacefully and freely in his love, even if we need a little help along the way.


Lord, when we are overcome with anxiety,
give us wisdom to know when it is a matter of trust
or something more. 
Our minds, like our bodies, are gifts from you.
However, sometimes we feel trapped in our thoughts,
seemingly unable to heal the invisible hurts there.

Please, open up doors for mental health services to all who need them.
Give us the strength to fight the stigma of mental illness
and build compassion and understanding in our communities.



Make an appointment for therapy if you have silently been struggling with depression or anxiety. Or, if a friend, loved one, or coworker is dealing with mental health issues, make time to simply be present and listen to him/her. Sometimes that is just what that person needs in the moment.

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