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Where Is Your Focus?


Our ancestors did not have computers in their jeans pockets. We are informed of news as it happens and react to it in real time. In order to care for our mental health, it becomes necessary in our modern world to focus in on love, service, and what brings true meaning in life.


My focus fades, my mind absorbed, spiraling again into madness,
the hellish chaos of the world burning our souls with every click
as headlines trade truth for terror—media profiting on polarization,
politicians seeking sound bytes instead of honest conversation,
as we mimic the movement, trading relationship for rightness,
sincerity for sarcasm, eternity for ego,
inherent belonging for doctrinal belief.

Were we prepared for this, my God, vast knowledge in our fingertips
when our ancestors nurtured fields and raised families to follow truth?

Help us focus on fields and families when we make that Pavlov move—
scrolling through opinions of strangers that do not matter,
reacting to the dinging of the bell.

Help me fall into the earth you made,
the family and friends you gave,
“accepting my acceptance” in your radical embrace.


Whenever you find the noise of the world beginning to suck you in again, have grace for yourself—it is impossible to be perfectly present. But become aware of where you are being pulled and partner with God to return to love and service.

Faith and Family


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