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What Gift Will I Bring?

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The Magi brought gifts to the holy child. I want to bring gifts to Jesus as well. Making my life a gift to others is the best gift I can bring to the Christ Child. What are the gifts I will bring to the world today? What gifts can best support my loved ones and those around me?


God of the galaxies and stars, of newborn babies and strangers from the East,
I thank you for the gifts you have given me and my unique personal gifts.
Give me a glad and generous spirit that I might share my gifts of time, talent, and treasure
with those around me.
Let me give you my best in sharing my gifts with the world.


Today, make your life a gift to the Christ Child and to those around you. What unique and special gifts of yourself can you bring to the people you meet? Commit yourself to enrich their lives by being a gift-finder and a gift-giver.

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