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Trust in the Journey

Sun streaming on dirt path


Sometimes on the path we’re walking upon it is easy to become haunted by regret, comparisons, or dreams yet to be attained. The contemplative must rise above lingering either-or judgments of oneself and trust in the non-dualistic path that has uniquely chosen them to walk upon it.


I dare to experience my life as it is—not as I hoped it would be, plagued by fear of regret;
not as theirs has unfolded, taunted by crafted facades;
not as the dreams I drink, spun out into drunken oblivion.
Today I will trust the path ahead—the one that calls me forth,
whether winter or spring, whether day or night,
a consistency I must honor, pulling me mysteriously forward even when I feel I’m starting over.
In a world that is not my own,
I will make our path my home.


Whenever you begin to judge yourself through the lens of regret, comparisons, or unattained dreams, allow a phrase from this prayer to gently ruminate in you until the judgment passes.


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