Pause + Pray

There’s Too Much Noise


As we navigate the daily chaos, it can be difficult to find peace. May this prayer help you to feel less alone in this noisy world and inspire you to partner with God to find peace throughout your day.


so hard to find and hold now
in these days of reckoning;

as headlines shout at us,
so we shout at one other.
Truth abandoned, spun-out victims,
controlled by noise and negativity,
drunk on cultural kool-aid,
stumbling, finger-pointing,
to scapegoating
to bolster
our rightness.
Noise washes over me again
without my consent—
please help me breathe, my Lord,
embrace me as I grieve this world.


When the noise of the world pulls you in and you feel yourself getting worked up or reacting, take 30 seconds to stop, close your eyes, breathe, and remind yourself that you are not alone in the chaos. In those seconds of stillness, surrender the fullness of what you’re feeling to God in prayer.

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