Pause + Pray

The Disturbance of Distance


Many of those I love are far away. Our paths have led us to live apartacross borders, even oceans. When I sense this absence, my heart aches.


Heal this aching heart, Divine Physician!
Isn’t it your wish that we be one, that we live as family,
that we are notnow and againovercome by the distance that separates us?
I reach out in all the ways that this modern age offers.
It is not enough.
As you listen to my heart, I remember.
Your arms are so wide that your embrace holds us both.
You bless my loved ones and you grace me as well.
You can overcome these many miles.

I thank you.


I will use the means I have to reach a distant child, a friend, a mentor today. I will let them know I miss them. I will remind them that we live in one another’s hearts.

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