Pause + Pray

The Creative Spark


From the mystery of black holes to the flight of the intricate bee hummingbird, expressions of God’s creativity are everywhere. Evidence of this holy creativity is revealed in the uniqueness of every human and the countless shades of color in creation.


Creator God, I know I am made in your image and likeness,
and that you are the great creator. 
I long to be closer to you,
and I want to know what it is like to co-create with you.
Yet it can be difficult for me to sense my creativity
or foster my creative skills.
Whether I am making a meal or tending to my home,
may I work with you to create beauty, truth and nourishment
for other creatures in my community.



Set a timer for 10 minutes. Next draw a circle or another shape and fill it in with doodles and colorsno particular pattern or design is needed. At the end of the 10 minutes write a poem describing what emerged in your creation.

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