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Thanks in the Midst of a Pandemic


These days we grieve our personal losses and the carnage created by the pandemic. My grief—and the grief of others—reflects our gratitude for their lives. When we grieve, we can also give thanks for the gift of the lives of our loved ones and out of our gratitude commit ourselves to making a difference for others and for the planet.


God of open hearts,
let me not deny my grief.
Let me feel my loss and pain.
Let my grief guide me to gratitude
for a life lived and loved.
Let my grief inspire me to love more deeply
and embody the highest values of those I mourn.
Let my grief open me to the pain of the world
and inspire me to bring healing to all who suffer.


As I reflect on my own grief, I will make a commitment to live more fully and love more deeply–on this one unrepeatable day and in my own unique and wondrous life. I pledge to support abundant lives for others through advocacy and acts of kindness.

Walking with Francis of Assisi by Bruce Epperly


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