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Thank God for the Wonder of All Being


The world is filled with God’s glory. God’s wise creativity gives life to my cells and my soul. In response, I give thanks for the wonder of all being and my life. May my day be filled with gratitude for God’s many blessings. Let awareness of my blessings and the goodness of the earth inspire me to bless others, sharing the gifts I have received.


Loving God,
I thank you
for the wonder
of all being.

I thank you
for the wonder
of my being.

I give thanks
for awakening me
to this day of beauty.

I give thanks
for all creation.

Inspire my gratitude
to graceful living.

Inspire my thanksgiving
to love sharing.



Recognizing the wonder of lifeincluding my own lifeI will pause throughout the day to give thanks for the gift of life. I open my eyes to beauty all around me. I strive to add to the beauty of the earth by acts of kindness, mercy, and love. Let me work for God’s realm on earth as it is in heaven.

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