Pause + Pray

Stir Our Hearts with Nearness


Sometimes we might not know what to pray. We might feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or even abandoned by God. When St. Francis was blind, ill, and on his deathbed, he wrote his famous “Canticle of the Creatures.” What if we allowed the Incarnation to stir our hearts as it did for Francis, even when we feel lost or frail?


God, I don’t have much say; every word I pray falls short of containing
how I really feel.
If I don’t know where I am, how am I to explain my location to you?
If I am sinking how can my words be heard from the shore?
In my own unknowing I trust that you still rise up in everyday places
and sacred spaces.
Help me see that you are near.


When you feel overwhelmed today, pause and name something that is beautiful, loving, or good. That can be as simple as a flower, tree, cloud, or smile outside your window. Or it can be something that happened to you earlier that day, like a conversation or fulfilling task.

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