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St. Clare’s Jar


In your readings, have you already come across the suggestion to find an empty jar? In a time of trouble, St. Clare of Assisi left out an empty jar, which was found full of oil. Today can we not be so afraid of an emptiness in our lives?


Today I choose to behold the beauty of that empty jar.
How it shines and reflects: This clear glass,
a symbol of space inside me, a place for you to find.

I won’t rush around trying to force something other than you to fill it.
Instead I will rejoice in how St. Clare helps me see the truth
of how beautiful it can be: 
The emptiness in my own hands,
the emptiness of me.


Find a jar to remind you that the emptiness is part of the journey, and allow it to bring you peace.

What Was Lost: Seeking Refuge in the Psalms


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