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Sin As Teacher


Have you ever considered meditating on your sins and letting them teach you? Pride, anger, envy, lust, greed, sloth, and gluttony—the seven deadly sins—often remind us of a childhood deficiencysomething we think was missing in our upbringing, or a deep-seated desire that was never satisfiedwhat we emotionally crave as an adult. Our attempts to make up for that deficiency or fulfill that desire lead to our recurring sins. By the Holy Spirit’s gifts of insight and understanding, we can begin the process of being freed from our slavery to sin.


Spirit of the Living God, you are the source of wisdom, insight, and understanding.
Enlighten me to the many ways my sins are rooted
in what was lacking in my upbringing.

May this knowledge and understanding lead me to freedom.


Ponder a recurring sin in your life. What does it teach you about your childhood deficiency or unfulfilled adult desires? Ask the Holy Spirit to release you from this sinful behavior. 

Franciscan School of Theology


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