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Sometimes our faith can feel isolating. We can feel tension, anger, and sadness in ways in which the Church may have hurt us or someone we love. Sometimes it feels like we don’t have a place at the table. Yet the promise of our faith is that Jesus welcomes us all to the table as we rejoice in his love for us.


Oh, welcoming Christ, you who have created this table with your carpenter hands,
who sat at it with your friends thousands of years ago,
remind me that I too, can sit at this table—
that I too, am worthy to sit here and know of your love for me.
Today, dispel from me any lie that tells me this table does not want me here.
Oh, welcoming Christ, beckon me to the table.


Today, as you journey with the Gospel narratives that show Jesus at table, reflect on the friendship that Christ had with his disciples. Remind yourself that Christ calls you into the same friendship, to sit with him at the table.

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