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Search Me and Know Me


Psalm 139 is a prayer of wonder and self-awareness in which the psalmist asks God to “search and know” their inner experiences. To be known and loved liberates us from illusion and self-deception and provides a pathway to change. We are known by God and loved by God. We are accepted in all our moods, successes, and failures. In stillness, be open to God’s love for you.


Search me and know me,
Loving Companion.
In the searching,
help me know myself.

In your knowing,
help me accept myself and a
waken me to places
where I need healing and transformation.

Let me accept your acceptance and reach out to others in grace.


Set aside some time for self-examination. Then without judgment, prayerfully explore your relationship to God, your neighbor, and your own emotional life, asking for God’s healing and loving presence in every part of your life.

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