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Sacred Hospitality

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Offering hospitality is sacred. To open the door and greet others with warmth, to provide food and drink, to listen and share time: Each act is a way that we connect with the divine. As Scripture says, when we welcome strangers we could actually be entertaining angels (Hebrews 13:2).


God of Welcome and Hospitality,
Throughout salvation history,
we are provided examples of how your holy ones
have opened doors and warmly welcomed others,
just as you lovingly receive us
into the shelter of your compassion.
Help me to be more generous and hospitable,
to be courageous with my kindness.
May we never shy away from the Gospel call
to welcome strangers.


Find a way to share time, food, drink, or space with another person today. Give from what you have, even if it is little. As you do, notice how sharing hospitality allows you to encounter Christ.

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