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Remembering St. Gianna


St. Gianna Beretta Molla refused to sacrifice the life of her unborn child to save her own. After the birth of a healthy baby, Gianna developed an infection and died at age 40, exhibiting a kind of selfless love that all mothers innately understand.


God of love, your daughter, Gianna, understood
that life is precious and fleeting.
So prized in fact, that she safeguarded her baby
at the expense of her own wellness.
Thank you for showing us
what a mother’s love can do.
Thank you for blessing us with a world of mothers
whose love for their children is boundless.
That love can only come from a loving God.


Share this prayer with a mother whom you admire: a sister, a friend, or your own. Let us all pray for mothers who place their children before themselves.

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