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Properly Investing Your Trust

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“Trust in the Lord forever! For the Lord is an eternal Rock.”—Isaiah 26:4

It’s easy to misplace our trust. Many people can be so convincing, and we put undue hope in them—a smooth-talking acquaintance, a telephone scammer, or even a relative or longtime friend. Unfortunately, we often find out later that our trust was faulty and damaging. Our trust must first go to our Lord—who knows us best, and cares for us the most.


Oh Lord,
When I am tempted to put my trust in someone else,
Help me to consult you first,
to invite you into the decision.
You know better than any human what is the correct path for me,
how best to act. 
Please help me to walk with your guidance in my heart.


Write out Isaiah’s words from 26:4 on an index card. Put the card in a spot you see fairly regularly. Let these written-out words help to instill in your heart and mind that investing your trust in God is the holiest and best practice.

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