Pause + Pray

Pressing On Toward the Goal

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When I have a vision of the far horizons of my life, I can choose actions that support my values and help others. When I have a vision, I can deal with conflict, temptation, and insecurity, knowing what is truly important and what will help me achieve my goals of abundant life for myself and others.


Guide my feet toward the far horizons of possibility,
God of past, present, and future.
Help me press ahead toward the goal with eyes on the prize
of full humanity, abundant life, and enduring love,
living fully in companionship with you and all creation.


Pause a moment throughout the day to assess whether your actions and responses are bringing you closer to your spiritual, relational, and vocational goals. Readjust your behaviors and responses to better calibrate them with God’s vision for your life.

Minute Meditations

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