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Praying the Pictures


Home is not complete without a few frames of Mom and Dad, family vacation poses, and refrigerator magnets from little scholars year after year. Looking at them can inspire memoriesand more.


While I gaze at the cross
and remember all that you have done for me

Jesus, Son of GodI have no photos.
Help me see you in the photos I do have.
I praise you for the gift of Mom and Dad,
their smiles captured in this frame.

Thank you for allowing us to see your beautiful world
and revealing it anew in this image
of the ocean waves’ embrace.

May my memories of kindergarten, diplomas, and weddings
be dust-free today.

What a Book of Prayer is written on this wall, in this wallet!
No glass can block me from these many gifts 
from you, Great Family of Three.


It may take several days to see the divine image in every framed photo or crinkled headshot carried in cracked plastic in a billfold or tiny album. But when you do, offer a thanksgiving for each loved one in God’s family.

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