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Praying for Priests


“We are to pray for them [priests].”
St. Thérèse of Lisieux

My pastor is 71, has lung cancer, and shepherds two churches. While he works hard to guide our hearts toward Christ, he’s also bombarded with worldly concerns: renovations, the annual festival, bumpy sidewalks, etc. Sometimes at church my eyes float to the beautiful windows, inspiring me: St. Thérèse, please ask God to send a special blessing to our priest today. 


Oh God, help us to remember to pray for our priests.
Many are overworked, and many are serving
beyond normal retirement age.

Please help us to remember that we can ask your holy ones in heaven
for prayers too; 
that your multitude of saints in heaven
will also pray for our priests 
to strengthen them,
encourage them,
be with them.



Take a few moments before Mass to sit quietly. Regard your favorite statues, windows, or paintings in church representing various saints, and ask those saints to join you in prayer for your priests.

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