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Prayerful Protesting


Howard Thurman, Oscar Romero, and Dorothy Dayinspired by their encounters with Goddecried the injustices they witnessed. Spirituality expands our empathy and awareness of others’ pain. It inspires us to challenge everything that hurts those around us, most especially institutional, governmental, and economic injustice. Loving God leads to caring for the “least of these” and ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to experience God’s abundant life.


Heart of the universe, Companion of every soul,
help me experience the currents of your love
flowing through me to the world.
Awaken me to the joy and pain of those around me
and give me the courage to speak out when I see injustice
or neglect.
Help me to pray and protest
nd to further your realm of Shalom 
in my relationships and citizenship.


As you watch or listen to headline news, attempt to see the world with God’s eyes. When you see an injustice, ask God for guidance to respond lovingly and prayerfully whether through a phone call to a representative or through peaceful protest.

Walking with Saint Francis of Assisi


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