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Pop-up Praying


Some businesses have pop-up breaks or meetings. A food wagon shows up offering fragrant cuisine on different blocks. Pop-up demonstrations surprise us with their energy and brevity. Pop-ups can be fun.


You are present
in every moment,
Embracing God,
even those moments
where I myself drift
distracted and distant.

Please listen
to my pop-up prayer:

Thank you
for this cup of coffee.

Thank you
for this open window.

Thank you
for an hour
that flows calmly.

Thank you
for the power of patience.

Thank you
for nudging me
to thank you
at odd moments

and the in-between times
of today.

You give them.
Grace me to pop-up
with a “Thank You.”


I will be alert today to opportunities to pop-up a prayer of gratitude for gifts I often accept without thanks.

Faith and Family


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