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Outcomes and Expectations


Sometimes it is difficult to surrender our efforts because we judge ourselves through the lens of our own expectations or perceived outcomes. This fuels our desires even more. When we do not surrender, it is easy for our identities to become attached to our own perceived ideals of how we think our lives should unfold. May this prayer guide you into resting in your union with God, even when your life does not look how you expected it to look or when your dreams and goals are not unfolding as you had hoped.


Help me understand
that all is not up to me
when my soul grapples for control,
making meaning like a machine
fueled by outcomes and expectations.
How I’m not where I’m not or
why I’m not who I’m not
are not codes for me to crack
when I already am who I am in You
and You are who You are in me.
Thank you, Lord.


What desire seems to infiltrate your mind and hold your soul captive? Pray a line or two from this prayer every time this desire tries to latch itself to your identity.



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