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No Need to Worry

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Sometimes my worry about the people I love manifests itself as a desire to control their choices or influence their behavior. I try to keep them safe in a bubble of my own design.


Dear Lord, it is so hard to relinquish control over the lives of the people I love.
Please help me remember that only you see the whole picture and know what’s best for them.
Help me trust that you will guide them along the path ahead far better than I can.


Think about a loved one for whom you often worry and picture their face cupped in your hands. Raise your hands to God and imagine him gently taking the face you love into his own strong hands, so you can let go.

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3 thoughts on “No Need to Worry”

  1. Sandra J Sweeney

    What a sweet image, of raising the face of our loved one that we worry about to God. God is so much more capable of caring for our loved ones than we are! True, ours are the hands and the faces and the voices that the Lord uses to show God’s love in the world. We can do nothing without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Lord, let my actions and my words be the ones YOU want from me.

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