Pause + Pray

Navigating through a Riptide


We live in a broken reality, and a lot of times there isn’t anything we can do to fix it. Even with all our scientific progress and technology, there are still some things—like a global pandemic—that leave us feeling utterly helpless. This helplessness that we feel is a natural part of navigating this broken world. May we bring our helplessness to prayer and invite God to meet us where we are—to find us like God found Jonah and be transformed as we are carried somewhere new.


This year’s riptide
pulls me out,

then under,
as I lose control.

Crashing waves fade
as I fall 
toward the ocean floor,
into silence beneath the storm,
waiting to be found by you.
Make me your Jonah.
Send a whale into the waves,
swallow me into stillness
as solitude transforms my soul.
Spit me out
in a new land,

or perhaps the same as before,
but as a new person,
with the same mission:
to serve with all my heart and mind,
soul and strength—
to love how I was found.


Whenever you begin to feel that you are sinking into helplessness today, show yourself unconditional love and grace as you navigate the heaviness of these bizarre times. Then ask God to find you where you are. Become still, breathe, and wait in the intimate silence of divine embrace.

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