Pause + Pray

Me? A Disciple?


Discipleship calls us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps of love, forgiveness, and peace. And peace takes effort. If we strive for that in small ways in our daily lives, we are being disciples.


Jesus, I know I can’t be you, but I can be like you.
I want to spread the joyful message you brought to humanity,
but sometimes I don’t know where to start.
Please help me to see the subtle hints along the way
that show me how to live the gospel.
Even if it’s something seemingly insignificant,
grant me the wisdom to see that every effort to follow
in your holy way is completely worth it.
Help me to see my actions through the lens of discipleship.


Is there some conflict or strife between you and another person? Or between two people you care about and wish to see reconciled? Take one small step today toward mending fences, wherever it might be needed.

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