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Lord, Help Me Remember

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After losing someone, I desperately wish to be able to pick up the phone to call them, to hear their voice. I can, at least, see their faces in pictures, remembering all of the happy and funny memories from over the years. My heart twinkles with light. When the world seems to be dark, stagnant, numb, and lonely, memory plays such an important role in bringing the light back.


Enter my heart, invoke my memory.
When my faith is bland,
when my prayer life seems non-existent,
remind me.
Remind me of when my soul first met you,
when, in a moment, everything changed.
Help me remember everything filled with warmth, peace, joy.
Enlighten my mind and soothe my heart.


Take a moment to pause today. What moment can you recall where you had some kind of enlightenment or spiritual conversion? Sit with the details, feelings, and memory of Jesus meeting you where you are.

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