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It Takes a Village


People are so fond of the phrase “it takes a village,” but in reality, modern American culture makes very little room for that level of commitment to community. We cling to our individual wants and rights, oftentimes more tightly than to our neighbor. How have we, who follow a God who commanded “love thy neighbor as thyself,” failed to contribute to our village?


Father God and Mother Mary,
elp us to look after each other
as tenderly and intentionally as you look after and care for us.

Guide us to looking outside ourselves and our tribalism.
We are many, but we are one in the body of Christ.
That unity is enhanced by our diversity, not weakened by it.
Bring us closer together, Lord, even with our many differences,
which after all, are just reflections of the multifaceted beauty that is your creation.


In what one small way can we contribute to the building up of our community this week?

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