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Grace Is Always Here


As James Finley at the Center for Action of Contemplation sometimes says, “You are being loved into existence.” This is an ever-present reality. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doinghere, nowGod is filling up your spirit, soul, and body with divine breath. The spiritual life is a matter of becoming aware of this ever-flowing love coursing through your being.


Grace, like mist in mountain air,
hangs in our midst each morning,
there to enjoy and experience,
to sense, to savor, to swim within.
As the fog fills the valley,
may we know we too
are being filled,

abundantly loved, fully accepted,
perpetually filled with divine breath.
Help me become more aware
as you, Yahweh, animate my being.


Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed or disconnected today, pray a line or two from this prayer that resonated with you. Keep coming back to the reality that grace is all around you, that you are being perpetually filled up by God’s spirit, and that you are being “loved into existence,” now and always.

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