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God’s Amazing Grace


We all look for signs and miracles of God’s grace. We scour the sky for divine messages in the clouds. We make pilgrimages to Marian shrines. We seek out someone who we are told has the gift of healing. However, the most authentic sign of God’s grace—and a modern miracle—are the simple words, “I confess . . . I’m sorry,” spoken from a repentant heart turned toward God. “Amazing grace! How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.”


Merciful Jesus, you put a physical face on the forgiveness of God the Father.
You always stand before me with compassionate understanding.
May I never hesitate to respond to your invitation to start my life anew
and celebrate the miracle of your forgiveness.



Spend time today pondering those areas of your life that need God’s forgiveness and reconciliation. Plan on celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation and experiencing a modern miracle.

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