Pause + Pray

God Knows What He Is Doing with You


Sometimes when we personally experience God active and moving in our life, he calls us to things we may not understand or feel a little uncertain about. We may not see the exact nature of how God’s plan will play out in time. However, the point is not to have everything figured out from the beginning, but lean into the Spirit with expectant faith and trust, that you are responding to the will of God as best as you know how.


Dear God,
sometimes I don’t understand the plan,
what you are doing in my life.
Give me a desire
to trust you more deeply
with all the desires of my heart;
knowing that you always know what you are doing
with and for me.


What are situations that weigh on your heart and mind right now? Ask Jesus to help you trust him more with these concerns, with the deepest desires of your heart.

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