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God Does Not Hate Divorced People


Sometimes life goes much differently than we hope for or imagine. Divorce is one of those painful experiences many of us do not anticipate will touch their personal lives. Realizing that divorce is never an easy decisioneven if it is the right oneGod does not hate divorced people or the choices they feel they have to make.


Dear God,
the pain of divorce
was never a part
of your original plan.
And yet sometimes,
it is in the messiest
and painful places
you come close
and bring about healing
and transformation.
Please bless and watch over
families, parents, and children
struggling through a divorce.
May you be
their peace and comfort
amid the storm.


Is there a friend, coworker, or family member you are close to who is navigating the pain of divorce in their life? Reach out to him or her and ask how you can best love and support them in this difficult time.

Faith and Family


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