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Gifted with Siblings


Our brothers and sisters can be some of the greatest blessings in our life, but can also cause pain. Whichever reality we are experiencing right now, God desires to listen and be present to our needs, hopes, hurts, and concerns for our siblings.


Dear God, I know you love my sibling(s) even more than I do,
and you are active in their lives.

I pray that you will comfort and strengthen them
in precisely the way they need it today.

Keep them from feeling alone or abandoned
and let them experience your nearness in a healing way.
Help me to support and love them in ways they can best receive.
Help me stay true to myself while caring for this person I love deeply.
Show me what their needs are and how I can be Christ to them today.


Reach out to your sibling(s) through a phone call, email, or written letter, simply to let them know that you love and care for them.

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