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Exchange These “P’s” for These “S’s”


It’s tragic how we measure success based upon the “P’s.” Bill thinks it’s about power. Arlene craves popularity. Joseph lusts for prestige. Mary wants privilege. Steve hankers for possessions. Debbie covets praise. Dale yearns for pleasure. And Jesus? He reminds us that we are fixated on the wrong letter of the alphabet and turns our understanding of success inside out. He models true success as helping others, giving of oneself, and doing God’s will—service, sacrifice, and surrender.


Jesus, you are the servant who never hesitates to wash the feet of others.
You are the lamb whose sacrifice takes away the sins of the world.
You are the Son who was intent on doing the Father’s will.
Grant me the same generosity, selflessness, and insight
to renounce the lure and temptation of the “P’s”
and follow your example of service, sacrifice, and surrender.



Today do one thing that rejects the allure of power, popularity, prestige, privilege, possessions, praise, and pleasure that clouds your vision and hinders a life of service, sacrifice, and surrender.

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