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Everyday Courage


When we think about having courage, we usually imagine extraordinary circumstances and heroic acts of bravery. But for most of us, living courageously is a matter of choosing it with quiet resolution day after day.


God who sustains me,
life is difficult
and my trials afflict me.

No one understands
how hard it can be
to just press on.

Restore my heart
and my hope,
O God,

fill me
with the courage it takes

to get out of bed
in the morning

and do my best
all over again.
Help me feel
your pride in me,

and may your delight
give me strength.



Take this moment to reflect on your life circumstancesespecially the area that is currently requiring courage of you. Sit in silence for a moment and let the Holy Spirit fill you with the knowledge that your courage is seen and honored.

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