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Dancing on the Waves


We can imagine what Peter must have felt to walk upon the waves and fall into fear, despite his savior being in front of him. Often our fear can blind us to the reality that Jesus is standing on the waves with us. The promise of our faith is that we have not been abandoned, even when the waves are taller and bigger than we are.


Jesus, strip away from me the fear
that I am alone out here in the waves.

Tear the veil from my eyes and let me see you there with me
o matter how high the waves may seem.
Remind me daily that I am dancing on the waves
with you by my side.

May our encounter out on the waves carry me through all my moments
of pain and doubt.

Jesus, may I always know that you are dancing on the waves with me.


Read Matthew 14:22–33, and in place of Peter envision yourself out on the waves. Allow this passage to illuminate for you the moments in which Jesus has walked on water with you, despite your fear.

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