Pause + Pray

Cycles of Creation


The seasons contain life, death, and transformation. Crisp, cold air rushes through the bare limbs and over the powdered snow. In time, these limbs begin to bud, the white melts into browns and greens. Flowers bloom. Leaves wave in the summer breeze as the animals scurry along. Soon enough, the earth broadens its color palette to range from light greens to mustard yellows to blood red to rusty orangesonly to return to cold air once again. God sets all in motion.


Lord, your creation holds so much life.
Thank you for the many lessons nature gives us.
In everything, there is a season—
a different color, a different feeling, a different task.
You, Lord, show your reflection like a mirror in creation.
You, Lord, are in it all.


Take a walk outside today and admire the beauty. Where do you see God in nature around you?



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