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Cry Freedom


St. Josephine Bakhita’s freedom was taken from her at a young age. She was kidnapped from her Sudanese home, tortured, and forced into slavery. But on her deathbed, she exhibited mercy and forgiveness to those who harmed her. Could we be as forgiving?


God of forgiveness,
Your beloved daughter, Josephine,
was chained 
in body, but her spirit remained untouched.
Today, many are forced into dark worlds
nobody should be privy to.
May this prayer reach those who are enslaved.
May they experience the freedom they are owed
and the grace 
that can only come from a loving God.


Think slavery is relegated to the history books? Think again. But there are organizations devoted to helping the trafficked. Click here to read about Franciscan Peacemakers, an organization that is doing their part to rid the world of sexual slavery.

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