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Conflict and Connection

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The sainted sisters from Bethany, Martha and Mary, tend to remind many of us of tension between the two. Martha stressed while working hard to serve, while Mary relaxed at the feet of Jesus. Yet, if we jump to the 11th chapter of John, we see a striking unity of thought between these two sisters. Their brother Lazarus had tragically died, Jesus arrived, and at different moments, Martha and Mary spoke the same words to Jesus: “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died” [John 11:21 (Martha) and 11:32 (Mary)].


Sts. Martha and Mary,
Please pray for my family.
Please pray that when our relationships
are messy and confusing,
a linking of hearts and minds might occur later on.
Pray for us to accept and love, despite the turmoil
that arises from time to time.


Jot down a time you have had discord with a family member. Share this event with Christ and listen for his advice. Keep your focus on him and his will—and let him guide your path for future interactions.

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