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Christianity’s Wholeness


The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that “No one is father as God is Father” (CCC 239). It is also true that no one is mother like Mary, and no one is friend, brother, or king like Jesus. There is no food that satisfies like the Eucharist. There is no act of love as profound as Calvary and laying down one’s life for another. Christianity is still good, true, and beautiful at its core.


God, thank you for fathering, mothering, and befriending us.
Thank you for loving us so deeply and wholly.
Remind usno matter what is happening in the world
or how some might portray you
of your infinite glory.
Help us to foster a genuine faith that speaks for itself,
making us evangelists by example.

May we share the beauty that is Christianity with others,
not to convert them, but simply to bless them
as Jesus would–as Jesus did.



What are you in need of today? If you need to be mothered, call on Mary. If you need forgiveness, schedule a time to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Every spiritual need can be met in Christ.

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