Pause + Pray

Breathing Exercises


So often we try to control every part of our lives. Living by planners, organization, and what’s next. We go through the week feeling winded and exhausted. It’s time to stop, to pause, to breathe.


God, I am rushing from thing to thing.
I am trying to accomplish all that I can.
I forget that you are with me.
With you all things are possible.
If only I believe.

With you the yoke is easy and burden light.
Remind me, Lord, to trust so that I may find
peace and joy i
n my daily walk with you.


Take five to 10 minutes today to do a breathing exercise. Breathe in through the nose slowly for seven seconds, and exhale slowly through the mouth for eight seconds. Repeat this, paying attention to the rise and fall of the belly. Breathe in God’s love and breathe out God’s life.

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