Pause + Pray

Bonds That Can’t Be Broken


Despite our differences, we are profoundly connected by family. We may have arguments and even take time apart to heal, but the core of family life is rooted in love. A loving family is a reflection and a demonstration of the infinite love God has in store for us.


Loving God, help me to continually
remember the presence
and power of family in my life.

Whether it be someone living or a loved one
who has passed away,
may I embrace that connection and offer up
a word of thanks and praise
for having known him or her.

Where there is brokenness in my family,
I ask that you shine your healing light
in those places.

Where there is happiness and wholeness,
may I be grateful and appreciative.

No matter where life takes me,
may I always bring my love of family along in my heart.


Take a moment to think of someone from your blood family, work family, or family of friends. Let that person know who she or he is for you. They may be surprised and almost certainly delighted.

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