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Bold Disobedience


In Exodus 1, we see the bravery of the Hebrew midwives who disobeyed Pharaoh’s order to kill the newborn male children. Acting in brave boldness, they were disobedient to an evil decree made by the Pharaoh. Imagine what that might have felt like for these women: did they fear for themselves? What were they thinking and feeling?


Ancient of Days, you protected and guided these brave Hebrew midwives
to do the just thing by defending the innocent lives of Israelite baby boys.
Like them, we are called to do the hard things in life
with bravery, boldness, and trust.
May we look to these heroic women as we advocate and work for justice
in the world around us.


Consider today what your response will be if a situation requires you to disobey a law that is unjust or hurts the lives of innocent people. 

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