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Are You a Digital Disciple?


Unless you have found a way to live off the grid, technology is likely a major part of your daily life. Social media and online news permeate our existence now more than ever before. And those virtual spaces are not always great environments for people of faith, as negativity, consumerism, and bullying cast a dark shadow there. We can still spread the gospel and the light of Christ though, if we choose to.


Lord, give me the courage to be Christlike wherever I am,
even if that place ends with a “dot com.”

It’s easy for me to hide behind an avatar
or behind some façade of who I truly am.

What’s harder is to be vulnerable, especially in such an impersonal place.
Guide me to use technology for the good and not get caught up in gossip or negativity.
When I see injustice, whether it comes in the form of hate speech,
bullying, or some other behavior, grant me the bravery to speak up.

When I see beauty and goodness in others’ lives,
may I celebrate it, and not allow jealousy a place in my heart.

And when I see someone following the example set by your Son,
may I not only admire those actions, but find ways to imitate them in my life too.


The next time you’re onlinewhether scrolling through a social media feed, checking your e-mail, or reading the daily news–take a moment to consider if you’re using technology to be a follower of Christ. Even if it’s in a small waysuch as a random word of kindness to a Facebook friend or a retweet of a life-affirming quotethere are ways to be Christlike online.

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