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Anger with God


Sometimes I get angry with God. I used to feel that this was bad but took comfort from the likes of David (“How long, oh Lord?”), Job, even Jesus (“Why have you forsaken me?”). There is much about life that I don’t understand, especially bad things happening to good people. My tendency when angry is to withdraw, and so I have had to learn to take my anger to God.


Lord, when I get angry with you I do not want to withdraw into sullen silence.
I know I need to bring my anger to you.
May I see you as a loving parent who might not agree with his child’s anger,
but would want to hear about it.
In my humanness, I struggle to understand.
Rather than feel guilty about my anger nurture my understanding of it,
and in dialogue with you, share it so that I can heal.


Take notice of how you deal with anger. If you find yourself angry with God take out your journal and write an angry letter. God will be listening.

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