Pause + Pray

In the Divine Presence

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Silence and solitude are not loneliness, but stillness. In the stillness is an invitation to enter into the sacred presence so that we can just be with God. When I do so I am blessed with one-on-one time with my Creator.


My God, thank you for surrounding me with your presence.
You have gone before me and behind me–you never leave me.
Help me to accept your invitation to spend time with you.
Guide me to the path that you would like me to take with you.


Take five minutes to clear the clutter from the day—the events, the dog barking, the conversations, the background noise. Clear your mind. Then take five minutes to just listen and to just be. What is God saying to you? What seeds are being planted? Finish with five minutes to name to what God may be inviting you.

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