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‘All is Quiet on New Year’s Day’


The U2 song starts off with the lyric, “All is quiet on New Year’s Day.” In the quiet is where we can talk to God. New Year’s resolutions are famously abandoned within weeks, if not days. May 2022 bring you goodness, and hopefully a good deal of quiet moments to have those important conversations with our Creator. That’s much more gratifying and realistic than lofty resolutions made for the whole year.


God, the festivities have died down rather quickly,
as they always do.
I’m left here a bit exhausted from the holidays,
but also enriched.
Today feels much quieter,
and another set of 365 days lies ahead.
It feels simultaneously hopeful and daunting.
I ask for your guidance and grace as I greet 2022.
Thank you, God, for another year.


Consider making a New Year’s Day resolution, something small but significant that you can achieve by tomorrow. Then carry that approach forward each day.

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